6 Steps To Marketing Your Development

Step 1/ Background Familiarisation

Based on the project goals we familiarize ourselves with your business to fully understand your needs and aspirations and the demographics of the project itself.

Step 2/ Meet and Greet

We get to together to discuss your project. This gives you the opportunity to meet us and learn how we can market and sell your project. This also gives us the opportunity to find out more about your project and your requirements.

Step 3/ Beginning Of Our Journey

Based on the information provided at the initial meet and greet we will prepare a proposal clearly outlining all objectives, inclusions, scope, budgets and recommendations.

Step 4/ Collaboration Session

We meet to discuss the elements outlined in the proposal in further detail. During this meeting you will have the opportunity to ask questions and make amendments to the proposal. At this point we will finalise launch dates, pricing and budgets.

Step 5/ Going Public

Time to get your project out to the public and marketing plan implemented. Ray White Project Marketing (Qld) we will also provide constant feedback, sales reports, contract management and everything else you need to ensure your project marketing is delivered to the market place successfully.

Step 6/ Settlement

The most important stage of the project. Our job is not finished until all settlements have taken effect. We handle valuation appointments, final inspections and defect reports. Ensuring handover is as smooth as possible.